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Kakushigoto T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

He had more than one secret?

When Hime was still just a young child, an unforgettable tragedy occurred. What began as a simple trip out to sea ended in disaster. Hime’s mother was never seen again, but her father refused to let go. Nearly all his money went into continuing a search that never turned up any results. At some point, the details of this search leaked into the public eye. Though public opinion on this matter was mixed, a few of the comments got into Kakushi’s head. Believing he was no longer fit to make others laugh, he forever put down his pen. With little money on hand and a daughter to care for, he went through numerous manual labor jobs. No matter the hardships ahead, Hime was simply happy to be by her father’s side. Unfortunately, the happiness they shared was broken during Hime’s high school years. While operating a forklift, a stack of manga fell upon Kakushi and put him into a coma. Nearly a year has come and gone, yet her father remains in a deep slumber.

Upon Hime’s 18th birthday, she learned a number of her father’s secrets. Between learning about his life as a mangaka, his status as a secret love child, and the existence of an aunt, her day didn’t have a single dull moment. However, the icing on the cake was her father opening his eyes once again. He was back among the living, though there was one big problem. His memories of the last 7 years were lost. Although those around him did their best to play along, Hime could only take it for so long. After returning to the place where her father hid away all his secrets, she presented him with his life’s work. As the memories began to flood back into his head, he soon realized who stood before him. His beloved daughter was not only an adult now, she now knows the secret he tried so hard to keep hidden away.

If you were curious, then this ending matches up with that of the source material. However, it should be noted that this was an extremely rushed ending. There’s a lot of material that didn’t make it into this adaptation or was cut out. Nonetheless, this ended on a rather positive note. Kakushi has reconsidered his stance on making others laugh, and his daughter now has a secret of her own. As it turns out, being an artist runs in the blood. There may come a day when Hime makes her own big debut.

Story: 7/10

For the most part, this was a very light-hearted comedy. Though we were given glimpses into a more serious story every week, it never truly overshadowed the comedy bits. However, the final episode presents a major shift in tone. Although I’m okay with being hit with a sudden whirlpool of emotions, this episode tried to do too many things at once. It’s a solid ending, but maybe a 13th episode could have paced this out a lot smoother.

Art/Animation: 8/10

Truthfully, there’s not a lot to say here. As this was mostly a comedy, all they needed to do was nail the character art. From start to finish, Ajia-Do did a remarkable job there. Animation wise, there’s not a ton going on, but what was presented never had any notable issues. We did get a little slide heavy in some episodes, though that’s to be expected in these types of shows.

Enjoyment: 9/10

This score shouldn’t really come as a surprise. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every father-daughter show I’ve covered. While I would’ve loved to see more, I’m okay with what was presented here for the most part. There may be no chance of a season 2, but at least we know Hime has a bright future ahead.

After a minor number adjustment, I’ll be marking this one off with an 8.5. I believe this to be more than fair for Kakushigoto. Though it may not have been the most popular title this season, I’ll be sure to remember the many great laughs it gave me. Every single character in this crazy ensemble made this a blast to review. Anyhow, the secret is out. Enjoy living life out in the open!





This may be an end, but there’s still plenty more to come. Look forward to future posts here at, Anime Solution!

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