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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Blu-ray Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

Can she be saved?

Unable to fully grasp the situation before her, all Kyouko could do was grasp onto Sayaka’s body. Before any further casualties could occur, Homura stepped into the mix. She’s gotten Kyouko out of the labyrinth, though she won’t sugarcoat what happened. The final secret of the Soul Gem has been revealed to Kyouko and Madoka. Once a magical girl’s Soul Gem is filled with despair, they hatch into a witch. What they had brought back with them was nothing more than a shell. In exchange for all the good she brought into the world, Sayaka shall bring about an equal amount of destruction as a witch. Though Homura coldly walked off believing this would be the final nail to keep Madoka away, Kyouko won’t give up on Sayaka. Kyuubey has led her to believe there’s still a glimmer of hope. The following day, Kyouko met with Madoka to form a plan. Believing that a friend’s voice may be able to pull Sayaka back, Kyouko swore to protect Madoka with everything she had. However, this is no fairy tale. No matter how much Madoka called out to her, she only continued to attack them. Ultimately, Kyouko was only left with a single choice, yet she won’t leave Sayaka alone even in the next life. They’ll be moving on together forevermore.

As it turns out, Kyouko never had a chance of saving Sayaka. The night prior to her noble sacrifice, Kyuubey met with Madoka once again. He had arrived to explain himself and his mission. In order to save the universe, his people set out on a desperate mission to harvest energy without a conversion loss. Though his own people do not have emotions, they found human emotions to be a source of energy like no other. In particular, human females at the cusp of adulthood produce the most energy. Using this as a basis, the magical girl system was born. At the moment they cross over from hope to despair, a powerful wave of energy is released and collected. Now, learning all this absolutely horrified Madoka. While Kyuubey can’t force her into a contract, he can lie. Leading Kyouko astray has left Homura to tackle an impossible battle. Only a wish by Madoka can stop the inevitable. Anyhow, it’s time to say good-bye to another one. Enjoy walking into the night alone!





End Card:




Let’s take a step back. We’re looking at another outcome next Friday.

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