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Princess Connect! Re:Dive T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

Big winner!

After winning a local lottery, Kokkoro received several tickets for a beach vacation. With not a moment to lose, Gourmet Guild swapped out their usual attire to fit the sandy shores. Though their day began with just having fun, they soon found themselves assisting in a friendly rivalry. Those of Sarendia Orphanage recently set up shop at the beach. Unfortunately, Saren and Suzume haven’t had much luck attracting customers. Without a signature dish, no one will visit them over their competitor. Upon seeing what all the buzz was about, Karyl couldn’t stand the leader of Mercurius Foundation. Akino may be a tad up in the clouds, but her business sense was absolute. Nonetheless, Gourmet Guild shall throw its full weight behind Sarendia Orphanage. Their guild was made to investigate delicious food, after all. While they were able to secure numerous seaside ingredients, none of it put together something unique. However, a sudden kraken attack gave them just what they needed. Squid is on the menu, and so is a new business deal. The members of Mercurius Foundation and Sarendia Orphanage shall now work together to bring the finest cuisine to the beach.

Like all beach episodes, they’re mostly just about fun. There may be a bit of story in the mix, but I’m sure you know what the main attraction is. However, I’ll always give bonus points when a beach episode is well animated. Princess Connect hasn’t failed to deliver since episode one, and it continues strong even till this moment. Anyhow, it’s time to hit the sands. Enjoy some underwater fun with Gourmet Guild!





That’s enough beach fun for today. We’ll be back with another helping next Monday.

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