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Gleipnir T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

Why would she lie?

Following the retrieval of Shuichi and Yoshioka, another special pact has been completed. With Shuichi formally apart of the team, it was time for introductions. Though he’s already met a few of their members, Sayaka Koyanagi, Miku Aihara, and Isao Kasuga have all shown their faces and powers. Once introductions were over with, the topic of what happened out there sprung up. Unfortunately, Shuichi can not recall what happened after being crushed, and Yoshioka claims the same as well. Although they’re able to piece together what logically happened, Claire doesn’t believe Yoshioka is telling the truth. Nonetheless, before going their separate ways for the day, Claire and Shuichi displayed a sample of their power together. However, their flex came with a cost. Ikeuchi now knows it wasn’t them that killed Sudo. There’s no possible way for Shuichi to make a clean cut in two.

As a new day rolled in, Ikeuchi and Yoshioka each made their own unique power moves. Fueled by his jealousy and distrust of Claire and Shuichi, Ikeuchi has begun to spy on them. While Shuichi was able to catch his smell quite fast, he was prepared for a confrontation. He’s called out their lies, yet Shuichi won’t be broken so easily. Ikeuchi was fed another lie, though he knows something isn’t adding up. Moreover, not only has Yoshioka retained all her memories after being crushed, she now holds memories Shuichi can not recall. Using her newfound knowledge on Elena, she attempted to reach out to her. Based off Shuichi’s memories, there’s no way Elena could truly be a bad person. Unfortunately, their call together doesn’t go as planned. Elena can not join them or be one with Shuichi anymore. Their goals are simply no longer the same.

Speaking of goals, Elena insinuated to Yoshioka that someone has already claimed the power that comes along with collecting 100 coins. They may not realize it, but their world is already on the brink of destruction. Still, there are far more than 100 coins out there to be found. Elena at the very least made that much clear. Furthermore, after two months of searching for coins, Sayaka’s group has only managed to find 5 coins. Although things may soon be turning around for them. After mapping out the location of all the coins they’ve ever found, the area where the aliens crashed has become clear. They’re now placing all their lives and hopes on this spot. Anyhow, Shuichi won’t be so lucky next time. Enjoy the calm before the storm!





Ready to take on the crash site? We’ll be back with the action next Sunday.

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