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Kakushigoto T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

Run like the wind!

An upcoming sports festival at Hime’s school is the only thing running through her father’s mind. If he is called upon to perform, he may be exposed as a mangaka. Getting into shape isn’t the only thing he needs to worry about, though. As it’s unlikely he’ll have to do anything physical, his attention quickly shifted into preparing Hime the perfect lunch for the big day. Unfortunately, all his signature dishes just won’t do here. Going out of his way to make this an unforgettable experince for Hime, Kakushi met a number of women for their advice. While their help was genuine, his words led them astray. Nonetheless, at the end of the day Hime had a cheering squad at her back. They may have just been there for her father, but she’s won gold in the heart that mattered the most.

Putting the gags to the side for a moment, we’ve been given another update by future Hime. The location where she found out the truth isn’t actually her home. However, it’s a near replica of it. As it turns out, the home she grew up in is a mere copy. Although her father could have built a home much grander, there’s something about that design that holds a special place with him. Anyhow, ready to cheer Hime on? Enjoy taking first place!





Click here for the 3rd webm collection.


There’s more hints to come. We’ll be back with another glimpse next Thursday.

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