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Kakushigoto T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

How long does any secret last?

Since the moment of her birth, Kakushi Gotou wanted nothing but the best for his daughter. Unfortunately, his line of work interferes with this goal. As a famous mangaka, everyone recognizes him on the spot. Additionally, his work is known to be on the dirty side of things. If Hime were to one day find out what her father does for a living, there’s no telling how she’ll react. In order to remedy this problem, Kakushi created an entire routine to deceive his daughter. Still, it’ll take more than just dressing up as a salaryman to keep this secret at bay. There’s countless unknown factors ready to expose his livelihood. Even if it means bending over backwards, he’ll make sure Hime’s innocent smile is never tainted.

If you’re a fan of character driven comedies, then you’ll feel right at home with this one. When Kakushi swore to protect his daughter’s innocence, he truly meant it. We’ve only just started, and Kakushi has gotten himself into multiple hilarious situations. While they may not be too funny for him in the moment, they made for an excellent first showing. On top of that, Ajia-Do has nailed this one visually. I can easily see this show being the sleeper hit of the season. Between the atmosphere, characters, and the simple but enticing premise, one couldn’t ask for much more. Anyhow, ready to be a hero in Hime’s eyes? Enjoy going above and beyond!




Episode 1:






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His secret is safe for now. Join us for another one next Thursday!

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