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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 126

by Yumiko

Confessions are never easy.

Although Charlotte has always worn her feelings on her sleeves, she can no longer hold back her love for Yami. Due to recent events, Yami is the only thing running through her mind. Meanwhile, Yami is ready to begin gathering information on devils. As captain of the Black Bulls, it’s his responsibility to see this investigation through. Unfortunately, finding leads on devils isn’t so easily done. The only clue he’s got is finding those who have dabbled in forbidden magic. While Charlotte hasn’t ever practiced forbidden magic, her family was cursed by it. It was Yami’s hope to get some information out of her, but their initial meeting didn’t go quite as planned. Charlotte simply can’t be honest with herself. Still, she can’t remain like this forever. She’s spilled the beans to her entire squad, and they happen to be very supportive of her feelings. So much so, that they pushed their captain towards Yami during his second unannounced visit. Sadly, Yami isn’t much better than Charlotte when it comes to love. He’s as oblivious as they come.

In the end, Charlotte and Yami were able to sit down for dinner. While this was no date, she was able to aid Yami in his investigation on devils. She’s pointed him towards an individual that should know far more than she does. Fortunately, Yami won’t have to go far to find this individual. Unknown to him, he’s had a clue within his squad this whole time. He’ll be speaking to Gordon about curses next time. Anyhow, their love is on hold for now. Enjoy a dash of honesty!





Click here for the 126th webm collection.


We’ve got a clue! Join us to see where it leads next Tuesday.

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