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Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

It’s not over yet.

The Uwasa of Endless Solitude may be gone, but Alina is still ready to paint. Upon capturing the Witch that was hidden away in Endless Solitude, she commands it to attack Iroha and friends. While she holds significant power, the odds are not in her favor. Losing her cool more and more as the fight progressed, Mami is forced to step in. However, her arrival wasn’t to save Iroha’s group. She’s seemingly joined the Wings of the Magius, and they can not afford anymore loses. After the twins recaptured the Witch, Mifuyu pulls all her subordinates out of the area.

In the aftermath of the battle with Alina, Sana has joined the Mikazuki Villa. As only Magical Girls can see her, this is the perfect place for her to begin anew. The adjustment period will take some time, though she’s already begun to warm up to her new friends after an outing. Furthermore, upon learning the details of Iroha’s quest to save her little sister, Sana was able to help provide a lead. One of the Magical Girls that would come visit Endless Solitude, Nemu Hiiragi, was one of Ui’s friends from the hospital. Still, there’s a bit of a problem here. Nemu is a member of the Wings of the Magius. Anyhow, the long hunt for Ui goes on. Enjoy the new housemate!



End Card:




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We’ve got one more chapter before the break. Join us for the start of a new arc next Sunday.

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