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Akatsuki no Yona Blu-ray Media Review Episode 13

by Yumiko

She’ll never forget his touch.

After learning what nearly happened to Yona, those around her are hesitant to follow her next plan. She wishes to see the Blue Dragon again, though Hak is especially against this. Ever since swearing an oath to protect her, he can not stand to see her hurt. Still, it’s not easy saying no to a princess. In order to make sure no one attacks Yona again, Hak shall watch over the villagers. As a group of three, they began searching for the Blue Dragon Warrior. Unfortunately, a small group of villagers were able to follow them. At Ki-ja’s insistence, he stayed behind while Yona and Yun went ahead. Meanwhile, the Blue Dragon Warrior’s body felt as if it were on fire. Torn in two between his upbringing and blood, he pushed Yona away at every turn. Even when she asked to be his friend, the Blue Dragon Warrior insisted that she leave. Before turning away, Yona learned that the Blue Dragon Warrior believes he’s cursed. However, Yona knows the truth. There’s no way such a warm hand could be cursed. If there ever came a time when he needed a hand, she would gladly extend out her own.

Recruitment of the Blue Dragon Warrior was a bust, though Yona isn’t out of danger yet. The villagers that Ki-ja was holding off came for blood. Although they have no love for the Blue Dragon Warrior, they can not allow his existence to be known. There’s no telling what danger that knowledge could lead to. Talking to them did no good, but a sudden earthquake changed everything. As Ki-ja, Yona, Yun, and the small group of villagers are separated to one side, Hak desperately tried to reach them. Believing this to be their end, one of the villagers explained everything. This curse they kept going on about was simply the power of the Blue Dragon. Instead of praising the gift given to their village, they went in the totally opposite direction. They truly believe it to be a curse upon their children. After spilling the beans, the Blue Dragon Warrior appeared. The villager that spoke up thought he had angered the Blue Dragon Warrior, then accidentally knocked off his mask. While the villagers turned in fear, Yona gazed in amazement. She had never seen such a beautiful pair of eyes. Anyhow, we remain trapped for now. Enjoy a glimpse of beauty!





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Can this “curse” be broken? We’re leaving this village next time.

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