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Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

No Magical Girl left behind!

With the promise of being able to kill all Witches in hand, Felicia was introduced to the White Feathers of the Wings of the Magius. From the beginning of their conversation, they made their goal clear. The Wings of the Magius is a group pursuing salvation for all Magical Girls, and are the protectors of the Kamihama City rumors. Nonetheless, the Amane twins welcomed her in with open arms, though she’s not the only new recruit. Kyouko has also seemingly joined in. The promise of salvation may be an attractive one, but Iroha’s group won’t let Felicia simply walk away into a shady organization. After tracking down the entrance to their hideout, the White Feathers wouldn’t allow them to advance any further. In the ensuing confrontation, the twins revealed their ability to control Witches. Unfortunately, this was their biggest mistake. Unable to control herself, Felicia goes berserk at the sight of so many Witches. Throughout her rampage, she divided the battlefield. While Tsuruno and Yachiyo took on the twins, Kyouko sent Iroha ahead to deal with the Owl Uwasa. Iroha’s base power alone wasn’t enough to defeat the Owl Uwasa, yet it was over in an instant with her unknown power. Failure to protect the Owl Uwasa put an end to the fighting, though what happened next shocked Tsuruno and Yachiyo. The friend they had desperately searched for, Mifuyu, stood before them in the flesh. As a high ranking member of Wings of the Magius, they can no longer see eye to eye.

Felicia has been saved, but what next? Without a place in the world to call home, Felicia believed she would be spending another night alone. However, Iroha won’t allow this mercenary to stand alone any longer. There’s no telling what trouble she’ll find herself in moving forward. Initially, Iroha invited her over to spend a night, though this experience has loosed up Yachiyo. She’ll allow Felicia to live with her, yet even better news awaited. It just so happens that Iroha’s parents moved her into the boarding house that Yachiyo operates. One could say this was all coincidence, or maybe Iroha’s luck still had one more charge.

During this episode, Iroha’s Soul Gem once more became murky and summoned a Witch. Iroha may have no control over this power, but the Amane twins, Tsukuyo and Tsukasa have complete control over their Witch. When it was four against two, they were completely untouched. Additionally, the twins made it clear that the murkiness of a Soul Gem doesn’t matter in Kamihama City. As seen once again with Iroha, her Soul Gem cleared up after unknowingly summoning her Witch. Something truly bizarre is going on Kamihama City, but what could it be? Anyhow, they’re all living under one roof now. Enjoy life with Yachiyo!



End Card:




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