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Somali to Mori no Kamisama T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Some things are not worth sacrificing.

As Haitora and Golem rush to stop Uzoi, Somali manages to escape her grasp. Although her freedom was short-lived. Another struggle between the girls resulted in Somali falling into a pond. On the verge of drowning, Uzoi jumps in to save her. No longer having have the will to go through with her plan, she apologizes to Somali and explains her situation with Haitora. Shortly after, Haitora and Golem find them both. Not wishing for anything to happen to Uzoi, Somali forgives her. With night finally settling in and everyone back at camp, Haitora explains to Golem how things got to this point. There was a time Haitora and his family lived in relative peace. Unfortunately, that peace was suddenly broken when his village was attacked. While his family was able to escape, they were forced to hide in a cave. Without any food, there was only one eventual outcome for them. Not wishing to see his wife and child perish before him, Haitora left in search of food. What he brought back was certainly edible, but this meal would cost them their humanity. Feasting upon Uzoi’s mother was the biggest mistake of his life. Not only did it corrupt his blood and kill his family, he had unknowingly orphaned Uzoi. Unable to tell Uzoi the truth, Haitora dedicated his life to her. Nonetheless, the truth has reached Uzoi’s ears. Torn in two, she can no longer face Haitora the same way ever again.

A new day has arrived, yet new dangers awaited them all. As their journey across the desert picked back up, a sudden sandstorm separates Somali and Uzoi from the wagon. While Golem is able to track down their location, another danger cornered the girls. It was at this point Haitora knew what he needed to do. Knowing that Uzoi had eavesdropped the previous night, he attempted to give up his life for hers. However, Uzoi will not allow things to end this way. If Haitora wishes to be punished, then Uzoi shall be the one to dish out his punishment. Although he may have lied to her for years, she can forgive him as long as he stays by her side. Anyhow, this journey across the desert can’t last much longer. Enjoy facing the truth!





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