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Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

What’s she hiding?

The lost ones before Iroha and Yachiyo are not whom they appear to be. While Iroha quickly realized this, the same could not be said for Yachiyo. The dear friend she couldn’t stop from leaving her side, Mifuyu, felt far too real. Nonetheless, Iroha won’t let this imitation drag Yachiyo away. Their duel was enough for Yachiyo to fully open her eyes, though it came with a cost. Filled with despair, Yachiyo’s Soul Gem was moments away from becoming a Witch Seed. Although recent events had clouded Iroha’s own Soul Gem, she used her last Grief Seed on Yachiyo. After reuniting with Yui, the Shrine Witch came out to play. A battle they had no chance of winning ensued, yet another unexpected problem soon arose. Unable to move due to the murkiness of her Soul Gem, Iroha’s Soul Gem brought forth a creature they had never seen before. Against this monstrosity, the Shrine Witch didn’t stand a chance. However, the power that took hold of Iroha turned to her friends next. Before these friends were forced to fight one another, another Magical Girl arrived on the scene. Following a most twisted magic led Mami to their location, and she’ll be ending this fight in a flash. Even with Iroha freed from the creature that took hold of her, Mami still pointed her gun towards her. Fortunately, Yachiyo won’t allow any outsiders to interfere. Not wishing to begin a war with the Kamihama City Magical Girls, Mami retreats, although not before leaving a warning with Yui. It would appear Yachiyo is feeding them lies.

The battle against the Shrine Witch left Iroha unconscious, yet her recent kindness wasn’t forgotten. While she may still be an outsider, Yachiyo let Iroha rest at her home. Opening her eyes once again, she awoke to find her Soul Gem fully restored. Not wishing to put any extra pressure on Yachiyo, she was ready to return to her home immediately, though it’s far too late for that. She’s been allowed to stay the night. Meanwhile, Kaede, Rena, and Momoka engaged a Witch that should of spelled their end. On the brink of despair, Kaede was able to summon a unknown power just like Iroha. Her battle was won, but at a high cost. There appears to be blood on her hands. Anyhow, the plot thickens around Kamihama City. Enjoy awakening a new power!


The fan service in this show is really picky. A lot of service gets covered up by impossible skirt physics, though a few frames have been allowed to slip in.


End Card:




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What in the world is going on in Kamihama City now? We begin a new investigation next time.

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