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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 119

by Yumiko

Aim for the heart!

All hope of ending this battle lies in Asta, yet Yuno won’t be left behind. Wielding the full extent of his current power, he’s forged a spirit-blade capable of piercing the devil. Likewise, his rival has brought forth a weapon to match him. Although his body can hardly take much more, the Black Divider has come out to play. Together they are able to land a solid blow on the devil, though it still wasn’t enough. Nonetheless, this devil has come to recognize them as a serious threat. Upon unleashing a mass of other-worldly magic, the Shadow Palace begun to flood at an alarmingly rate. Knowing those below won’t be able to escape in time, Lemiel and Licht left the battle before them in capable hands. While they fused their magic to save the current generation, Yami prepared the last of his magic for one final blow. Meanwhile, Asta and Yuno danced with the devil. Unfortunately Asta’s body gave out at the worst possible time. As death stared them in the face, Yami split the devil in two. That moment was enough for them to break free, and allowed Secre to rush to Asta’s side. Sealing away all his physical wounds, she pushed him forward with all her hope for the future. Before the devil could recover, Asta surpassed his limits once more. Going straight for the heart, this devil shall never utter another word again.

Is it all over now? Well, not quite. Even if this devil is no more, there is a whole mess of matters to be dealt with. A handful of those will be covered next time, yet there’s much more to come. We’ve got a whole lot of loose ends out there left to be explored. Anyhow, is too early to celebrate? Enjoy witnessing limits being surpassed!


Getting real cheeky lately, Pierrot.




Click here for the 119th webm collection.


A new dawn approaches. This arc isn’t quite over, so be sure to catch the rest of it next Tuesday!

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kyojuro rengoku
kyojuro rengoku (@guest_2474)
4 years ago

Please show anime (danmachi ova 2) ,please