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Akatsuki no Yona Blu-ray Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

Not all Dragon Warriors are loved.

Yona and those behind her have arrived at the border. It is there they find a village hidden within the mountains. Absolutely certain of the Blue Dragon’s location, they enter with high hopes. However, they are greeted to a heavy atmosphere. The elders of the village claim there is no one with the name Blue Dragon among their people. Nonetheless, Yona is able to convince the elders to let them stay the night. While the village can’t offer them much, they are given a room to rest. Before being left on their own, a warning was issued to the group. Those that roam in these mountains may find themselves lost, and the village holds no responsibility of finding them. Still, that doesn’t stop Yona. Believing in Ki-ja’s ability, they begin their search throughout the endless caverns. During their search, Yona is pulled away by a strange sound. Although the source of said sound was friendly, it led her down a hidden path. Awaiting her was a male villager ready to kill her, yet another soul was also nearby. Saved before the worst could happen, she is quickly reunited with her group. Unfortunately, her savior ran the moment he saw Ki-ja. The warrior they sought out stood before them, but why does he run away?

Born in darkness, the Blue Dragon warrior was raised without an ounce of love. Even his own mother rather take her life than raise a “monster”. Taken in by the previous Blue Dragon, Ao did his best to train his nameless pupil. However, as a child he struggled to grasp the situation he was in. The village he was born into only had disdain for the Blue Dragon’s power. Baseless rumors had plagued the reputation of the Blue Dragon. The eyes of the Blue Dragon held great power, though it’s not quite what the villagers believed. This power comes with a major drawback. Dragon Eyes have the power to paralyze others, yet the same will happen to its user. In extreme cases, those paralyzed may suffer heart failure. Now, Ao warned his pupil to never use the power of the Blue Dragon. The Blue Dragon may be the protector the village, but only through showmanship. Unfortunately, when Ao passed away, his nameless pupil was faced with a terrifying situation. At the age of 4, a band of soldiers had arrived to raid the village. Confronting them alone, he unleashed the power of the Blue Dragon upon them. His courageous act saved the village, yet their mistrust for the Blue Dragon only grew on that day. From that moment froward, the village relocated into the mountains. There they hid the Blue Dragon away for good.

I have to give this episode credit. Counter to Ki-ja’s introduction, they dedicated half the episode to show what it means to be a Dragon Warrior. The double-edged power they are born with is a gift and curse. That goes especially for the current and former holder of said power. As the previous holder passes on their power, they slowly die. While some may hold a grudge about this, Ao delighted in his death. No longer feared, he was merely a man under the sky for a short moment. His only lingering regret was leaving his pupil all alone. After all, his pupil only wished for a friend. Anyhow, the Blue Dragon can’t hide forever. Enjoy an entire life of darkness.


OP: Normally these are done at the start, but better late than never.


Episode 12:






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We’re breaking the halfway point. There’s still much to come.

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