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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 116

by Yumiko

Who’s closest to becoming the next Magic Emperor?

Against a dark elf, Asta and Yuno are pushed to their limits. Fortunately, backup has arrived. The greatest counter to Patry’s light magic, Nozel’s mercury magic stopped him in his tracks. Still, Yuno will not allow Nozel to finish the job. That body belongs to Vangeance, after all. Asta shall put the finishing touches on this battle, though freeing Patry from his current state included more than he bargained for. Forced to see all of Patry’s memories, Asta fell into the pit of Patry’s despair. There he finds a young cowering Patry. Haunted by all his past faults, Patry was unable to move an inch. However, Asta will not leave him in such a state. While he can not forgive him, he can still atone for his sins. Hate between elves and humans doesn’t have to be how this ends. Upon realizing history had come to repeat itself, Patry was restored to his former self. Nonetheless, the true enemy awaits above. Putting all their differences aside, Patry has turned a new leaf. Until that devil is vanquished, he’ll fight along side humans.

With Patry taken care of, there is only one enemy left on the floor. From up above, the devil found the exit he was searching for. Consequently, between him and his goal stood Licht. Half awakened and with only one sword, a one-sided battle ensued. However, the leader of the elves does not stand alone. Reinforcements have arrived in the form of Charla and Yami. They’ll dance with the devil for a moment, although a greater act was taking place outside the Shadow Palace. The time for Nero to speak had finally come. Breaking her long silence, she’s demanded a transport from Finral. They’re off to see the bones of the dead demon summoned 500 years ago, yet why now? The final pieces shall soon fall into place. Anyhow, ready for a new opening and ending? Enjoy a boatload of potential spoilers!




Episode 116:


ED: This ending takes the cake. Revealing characters from the next arc, that’s a new one for me.




Click here for the 116th webm collection.


Once more we delve into the past. Learn the fine details next Tuesday.

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