Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden T.V. Media Review Episode 1

What did she wish for?

In exchange for having her wish granted, Kyubey has created another magical girl. However, there’s one big problem. After having her wish fulfilled, Iroha Tamaki can not remember a single detail about it. Not even Kyubey could give her the full details. The only clue it could provide was that her wish was used for someone else. While this wasn’t the answer she was looking for, it was all she could grasp to fill the void within her. Ever since becoming a magical girl, there’s just been something missing from her life. Afterwords, Iroha met with a fellow magical girl of Takarazaki City. Iroha and Kuroe are familiar acquaintances when it comes to sharing information. Although this meeting was different. Kuroe had arrived to tell Iroha of a rumor spreading among the local magical girls. Everyone was having the same dream of finding salvation from within Kamihami City. There they would be freed of their unending battle against the Witches. Unfortunately, their conversation is cut short. Suddenly pulled into a Witch’s labyrinth, Iroha and Kuroe are taken for a ride. Their battle extends all the way to Kamihami, yet the excitement didn’t stop there. A powerful Witch joined in on the fun. Death appeared to be certain, but two figures appeared to save the day. First, a young Kyubey showed up, then a magical girl of Kamihami. Nanami was able to quickly defeat the Witch, though her sudden appearance was more of a warning. Magical girls from outside Kamihami are not welcome. Rumors or not, they will be viewed as enemies if they return.

This isn’t the last we’ve seen of Kamihami City. That goes especially for Kuroe. She cares not for Nanami’s warning. Ever since her wish for love turned out badly, she’s wanted out of the magical girl business. Moreover, Iroha initially had no reason to cross city lines, though that all changed once she made contact with that young looking Kyubey. Her lost memories have begun to resurface. The wish she had used for another was for her younger sister, Ui. However, where has Ui gone all this time? Those answers just may be found within Kamihami. Additionally, it should be noted that the young Kyubey is a mystery to everyone. Nanami may be a veteran magical girl, but she’s never seen one like that.

Before heading down to the media, please keep in mind that information from Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica will be needed to fully understand this. While this may be a side story, Madoka and friends will likely make an appearance later on. It’ll mostly be about Iroha, but there’s still a lot of base information that should be known from the main story. Anyhow, do you want to become a magical girl? Enjoy the greatest source of energy!




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