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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 115

by Yumiko

There’s power in words.

The dark being possessing Ronne no longer needs to stay hidden. Everything he desired was either in hand or right before him. After placing the final magic stone into a pedestal, a demon’s body was summoned from the underworld. Finally back in the flesh, this demon wasted little time boasting about his feats. Everything up to this point was all apart of his master plan. Deceiving the humans into massacring the elves 500 years ago was just the start. Plunging Licht into the depths of despair was his aim. That despair created a grimoire that a devil could wield. However, not everything went as planned. While a five-leaf grimoire was born on that day, Licht refused to give up his body. Nonetheless, this demon went for the next best thing. The young elf that followed right behind Licht, Patry, could easily be swayed. The reincarnation magic Patry saw as he fell 500 years ago wasn’t done by Licht. He’s been following a demon’s plan. From that moment forward, Patry and his people were just mere pawns. Still, Patry’s role doesn’t stop there. He was forced to feel the same despair Licht felt on that fateful day. Despair has once again forged a five-leaf grimoire.

He’s in the flesh and has a grimoire in hand, but what about those around him? Yuno still stood ready to fight, though alone he stood no chance. Fortunately, his rival will have his back. Asta has gone Black on the spot, yet even together they were no match. Before this demon’s word magic, they were only a minor annoyance. Consequently, this demon didn’t even view them as opponents worth dealing with. The next step of his plan called for reaching the living world. Before heading for the exit, he left a gift for Asta and Yuno. He may be hollow inside, but Patry can still be used. A dark elf will keep them busy for quite some time.

A demon may be behind everything, yet we still haven’t gotten the full story. How were they able to stop this demon 500 years ago? Moreover, Asta and Yuno’s best did prove that this demon isn’t untouchable. Although it was only a minor cut, this demon can be hurt. Furthermore, please note that Black Clover will be going on a 1 week break. Black Clover will return on January 7th, 2020. Anyhow, ready to see the face of a devil? Enjoy meeting the mastermind!





Click here for the 115th webm collection.


That’s it for 2019. Join us for much more come 2020!

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