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Assassins Pride T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

There’s no need to worry.

Mule and Salacha’s timely arrival didn’t raise a hint of suspicion. They’ve simply come to take the same exam, and there’s no rules against teaming up. As a group of four friends, Mule leads them to the exam area. Placing books back on their correct shelves was their task, though each book comes with a little monster. Nonetheless, this was a simple quest for the ladies of the three Knight-Duke Houses. Making it with plenty of time to spare, they were each awarded a book of official certification. Unfortunately, this was all a trap. The proof Mule and Salacha had come for was Melida’s certification. Her book clearly states she’s no paladin. However, their friendship means something at least to Salacha. While Mule took off with Melida’s book, Salacha aided Elise and Melida in stopping her. Fortunately, Mule didn’t make it far before being stopped. Melida may be on top for the moment, but Mule has already begun to play her cards.

After learning of Guild Grimfice’s involvement, Kufa didn’t waste a minute rushing to Melida’s aid. Although she isn’t the only one that needs saving. The headmistress and students have found themselves before a necromancer. Taking out its puppets were one thing, but dealing with the puppeteer would have required Kufa to reveal his true form. Luckily, a traitor from within came to his aid. William Gin has something to gain from betraying his guild, and a deal with Father was struck on the spot. Still, Kufa can’t rest until Melida is secured. His descent continues until she’s back on the topside. Anyhow, it all ends next time. Enjoy getting certified!





Click here for the 11th webm collection.


It’s time to wrap it up. Join us for one last review next week!

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