Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld T.V. Media Review Episode 10

She’s got some explaining to do.

The Goddess of Creation has bought the Human Empire precious time. Her timely arrival decimated the Dark Territory’s ambush and cut off their main force. However, this “Goddess” isn’t here for the Human Empire. While they’re happy to see her, she’s just here to secure Kirito. Asuna has waited far too long for a moment with her other half. Still, not everyone is so willing to let her see Kirito. Alice’s oath to protect Kirito means not even Asuna can get close without her permission. Nonetheless, this is no time for a cat fight. Once Bercouli split them apart, and Asuna realized who she was fighting against, a meeting was held with all those in command. A full explanation of events within the real world was given. Unfortunately, some of Asuna’s information was no longer up to date. The enemy she warned them about arrived before her. Emperor Vector along with his goal had already become clear. Simply running off with Alice to save Underworld won’t be possible. In order for this war to come to an end, Emperor Vector must be defeated. Until then, everything else will have to wait. The Dark God and the Goddess of Creation must first clash blades.

Asuna’s meeting with those in charge wasn’t only about the war. If you recall way back to one of Cardinal’s speeches, she informed Kirito that one of the four founders of Underworld sabotaged the operation from the beginning. Throughout the meeting, Asuna learned about the seal of the right eye. A measure that goes against what Rath is attempting to accomplish. Not only that, someone left high level accounts unsecured for the enemy to use. There’s a traitor within Rath, but who could it be? Anyhow, ready to fight over Kirito? Enjoy the slumber party!





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The other side won’t sit idle for long. We’ll be reigniting the action next time!

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