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Dr. STONE T.V. Media Review Episode 21

by Yumiko

Trial and error can’t solve everything.

While Ishigami Village prepares for winter, Senkuu has put Chrome and Kaseki’s waterwheel to good use. Manpower will no longer be needed. Using their previous inventions, a hydroelectric power plant has freed up a number of hands. With the age of energy established, the next step called for another crafting project. A successful light bulb was created, and just in time. The stone world has lit up the sky for Christmas. Unfortunately, Senkuu would soon realize the limits of living in the stone world. Making light bulbs was just step one. What he required was a vacuum tube, but the materials on hand were insufficient. Not even Chrome could find a mineral to withstand the heat needed for this step. Nevertheless, not everyone threw in the towel. As the New Year was brought in by moonlight, a rock Suika was carrying emitted a glow like no other. A rare gemstone, scheelite, was just what Senkuu needed. Hope was back on the table, though mining for scheelite requires muscle. Chrome and Senkuu were prepared to head out immediately, yet who they chose to help came as a surprise to everyone. Magma has been chosen.

It shouldn’t be forgotten, Magma hasn’t given up on his goal. He still has his eyes on the position of chief. He’s only been following along quietly due to the situation at hand. As such, there’s no telling what he’ll do once they’re in the cave. A accident just might claim our heroes. Moreover, progress on the cell phone continues to move steadily. While Senkuu didn’t foresee the need for scheelite, he claims they have everything else on hand. Let’s hopes he’s right, because we’re quickly coming towards the end. Anyhow, what could go wrong? Enjoy ushering in the New Year!





Click here for the 21st webm collection.


Just three more to go. Join us for some cave exploration next time.

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