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Dr. STONE T.V. Media Review Episode 20

by Yumiko

She’s always watching.

Hyoga may no longer be on scene, but he’s left his second-in-command, Homura, to watch over every move the Kingdom of Science makes. As she watches from afar, Senkuu has announced the first step they’ll be making towards creating a cell phone. A cotton candy machine is where they’ll start, though this is more than just for sweets. This machine also has another purpose. It can produce all the wiring they’ll need, but only once all the faults are worked out. Bringing back the usage of gears solved this issue, yet it also inspired bringing back another invention. While Senkuu worked on building miles of wiring, Chrome and Kaseki worked 3 days independently on another project. Through their long nights, they were able to create a waterwheel. The days of relying on manpower are over in the stone world. Nature shall once more power man’s creations.

The Kingdom of Science is running on limited time. With winter right around the corner, there’s no chance either side can launch a war. However, it won’t be long until spring. Once the snow begins to melt, it’ll be an all out war. Moreover, we’re quickly coming towards the end. Only 4 episodes are left, so don’t expect the war to be covered this season. We’ve still got a long way on this phone project, after all. Anyhow, how can one convince the enemy to join the other side? Enjoy some cotton candy!





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We’re nearly there. We’ve only got four more to go, so stay warm!

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Yumiko (@guest_2609)
4 years ago

We’ll be back to moderns days in no time. Well, after a certain threat is dealt with.

Jesus Albert
Jesus Albert (@guest_2608)
4 years ago

The energy is here!!!