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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 105

by Yumiko

They’re taking him back!

Rufel may struggle all he likes, this was over the second Asta pinned him down. The Demon-Destroyer Sword has unshackled another elven soul and saved a beloved friend. However, once again Asta has observed something not quite right about these elves. There’s a vile magic lurking within all of them. Regardless of these continued findings, the time to regroup has come. Back at base, they find a disastrous scene. Their home was in ruins, although mostly everyone was fine. Unfortunately, another Black Bull was turned into a elf. Gauche has long made his way over to the capital. Giving chase was naturally the thought running through everyone’s mind, yet that won’t be possible. These recent fights have left several members exhausted. Fortunately, Charmy has the cure they all need. A little food magic has returned their mana, and allowed for Henry to restore the base for travel. Standing more united than ever, the Black Bulls charge towards the capital.

The whole gang is almost back together. Any Black Bull not with Asta’s group currently sits in the capital. It won’t be long before these team battles start taking off. However, we should be in for a few unexpected turns. A straight forward ride to the capital would be too easy. We’ll get there in due time, but not before some fun. Anyhow, the elves have a price to pay for destroying Charmy’s garden. Enjoy the food!





Click here for the 105th webm collection.


We can’t get to the capital before a little bit of action. Join us for another next Tuesday!

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