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Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

Has perfection been completed?

Esther’s misfire has ended Taowu’s game of charades. Playing around with Hishigata is no longer needed, after all. Still, Esther wishes to get to the bottom of this. As the current head of the Rosenthal family, why has Taowu rejected all her commands? Unfortunately, Taowu only had troubling news to tell her. A so called devil superseded her in command. Not only that, the devil in question reminded Taowu of one important fact. By using Hishigata, the Rosenthal dream could be completed. However, this devil isn’t doing all this out of spite. The face behind the mask is a Rosenthal that refused to rest in the past. When Isaac Rosenthal sensed his end was near, he had his son bind his soul to Taowu. It may have taken centuries for the ideal situation to come around, but it was well worth it. A worthy body and soul has been obtained to create the perfect golem. Even if Esther no longer shares the dream her ancestors longed for, Isaac will see everything through to the end. Fortunately, there’s one soul that cares not for devils, gods, nor level 6. Accelerator’s goal is only to clear the trash before him.

The setup for everything has finally been established. Isaac Rosenthal, connected to Taowu, controlling the corpse of Hirumi, empowered by 10,000 deaths, shall create a perfect golem. In the eyes of men, he is a devil attempting to create a god-like being. Moreover, this episode contained a lot of family lore. While some of it is important, there’s already a hot mess of other events going on. Viewing things through the eyes of Accelerator might be for the best. The Rosenthal family just has way to much happening. Anyhow, is two episodes enough to save the world? Enjoy a blast from the past!





Click here for the 10th webm collection.


The endgame has arrived. Will the Rosenthal dream be completed, or will a single dagger end it all?

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