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Sounan Desu ka? T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

All’s well that ends well.

Homare and Shion’s return trip won’t be an easy one. Going nearly an entire day without fresh water, and being out in the sun takes its toll. Fortunately, Homare has one last survival tip in this situation. Even filthy water can be used, though the method to consume it would turn the faint away. Unfortunately, they’ll have no choice if they want to make it back to Asuka and Mutsu. It’ll just have to remain a secret between girls. Regardless, awaiting them back at camp was a dinner they’ll never forget. Under the stars and together as one, their time on this island has only just gotten started. They may be stranded, but at least they have one another.

As I’ve previously stated, we were never going to get a true ending. This type of ending is just suppose to leave us off on a happy note, and let us know that the girls are out there surviving. Surprisingly, they did setup a possibly for a season 2. Homare’s father is on his way to save her, although I wouldn’t hold my breath for him. They’re not leaving that island anytime soon. Moreover, going into the summer 2019 anime season, this was the anime I looked forward to the most. Between Ezόla’s previous work and the source material, I knew fully what I was getting into. As for the results, I’m pleased on all fronts. They even ended on my favorite chapter, so there’s really no complaints from me. Just understand, this is a show about cute girls surviving on a deserted island. The survival tips are real, but don’t take the show too serious. Anyhow, this will be another 8/10 from me. Enjoy the final meal!





Click here for the 12th webm collection.


This will be our last short-form anime for a little while. Stay tuned for further updates each day here at, Anime Solution!

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Yumiko (@guest_2779)
4 years ago

A season 2 is possible, though i would temper expectations. There’s a lot of anime that end just like this, and never come back. Still, I’m happy with what we got. If there is ever another season, then I’ll be covering it for sure.

Adam Kohut
Adam Kohut (@guest_2778)
4 years ago

This last ep was hilarious to say the least, like it completely caught me off guard how they replenished water… but yea it really sucks how it ended… now I just need a second season like very soon cause I wanna see my girls getting rescued at last! But overall it was a great comedy/educational anime, I really enjoyed it.