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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 101

by Yumiko

They’re on the move!

With the fall of the Royal Knights, the elves have gathered for takeoff. The capital is where they make their stay permanent. Still, not every Royal Knight was turned into a elf. Those that managed to escape have reunited. Under Nozel’s command, they’ve been instructed to head back to the capital. As it turns out, the entire kingdom is facing war. Unfortunately, this mean even a village in the Forsaken Region is no longer safe. They may be the weakest humans in the kingdom, but that doesn’t matter to the elves. All humans are equally the enemy in their eyes. Fortunately, Hage has raised two rising stars. Even though they’ve become high profile Magic Knights, they’ll never forget their roots. Asta and Yuno have returned home, though not under pleasurable circumstances. There’s an elf to be dealt with for hurting their loved ones.

Nozel may be of royal blood, but he’s come recognize a few of his fellow knights. Normally, all resources should be poured into saving the capital. If the capital falls, then all hope is lost for the Clover Kingdom. However, it’s undeniable that Asta and Yuno have grown far beyond everyone’s expectations. They may be peasants, but as long as they make their way back to the capital, then they’re free to save their home. Additionally, Nozel had to stop Noelle from joining the Hage defense. Noelle has always had a distant relationship with her family, yet things have begun to change. Nozel has confirmed her status as a royal, and as a royal her place is to defend the capital. Anyhow, the battle for Hage Village takes place next time. Enjoy the short recovery time!





Click here for the 101th webm collection.


We’ve got a journey before hitting the capital. We’re defending home base next time.

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