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Lord El-Melloi II Sei no Jikenbo T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

What’s the motive?

Gray may have been left behind, but she has not fallen. Before nature could claim her life, Hephaestion saved her. A warrior’s death belongs on the battlefield, after all. Still, this ceasefire is only temporary. When next they meet, the battle will resume. Regardless, after the storm had passed, Gray caught back up with Rail Zeppelin. She was even greeted to good news, too. Lord El-Melloi II shall soon be seeing better days. Furthermore, that wasn’t the only thing that greeted her upon arrival. Adashino has gathered everyone to reveal the perpetrator behind Trisha’s murder. With the recent retrieval of Trisha’s head, she had everything needed to pin it on Karabo. Turns out, Trisha had prepared for her final moment. With her very last breath, she uttered Karabo’s name to Olga. Additionally, Adashino timed her announcement perfectly with the extraction of Karabo’s Mystic Eyes. It was originally believed his eyes just had the power to see into the past, but the Rail Zeppelin crew proved otherwise. Karabo had quite the set on him. However, all the deductions put forth by Adashino won’t get past one man. Lord El-Melloi II believes there’s someone else behind everything. The person who stole his treasure and killed Trisha is still out there.

Karabo may be in chains due to Adashino’s words, but there’s still plenty more going on. After Lord El-Melloi II was able to question Karabo, things just weren’t adding up. No motive could be found for his actions. Nonetheless, he’ll be putting his full force behind solving the case. There’s no more time to rest. Moreover, Luvia and Kairi have been given a leading clue for their case. They do not know the individual’s name, but he’s known as a man without a heart. However, more interestingly that individual has a connection to a passenger aboard the Rail Zeppelin. Adashino and this mystery man have a familial tie. Anyhow, there’s only half a day left till the auction. Enjoy the eye extraction!





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The ride is almost over. Nevertheless, Lord El-Melloi II hasn’t gotten in his last word yet.

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