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Dr. STONE T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

What’s the price of a cola in the stone world?

Reminiscing about the past came with a cost. Gen was suddenly attacked, though a magician never comes unprepared. A splash of fake blood was enough to fool his assailant. Still, being struck with a spear doesn’t leave one unscathed. While Gen was patched up by Senkuu’s crew, Suika investigated those behind the attack. It was none other than Magma, although he’s not just after sorcerers. Anyone that gets in his way of winning the Grand Bout is a target. This includes Kohaku, the previous “winner”. Unfortunately, Kohaku’s win at the last Grand Bout caused a problem. Each generation the winner gets to marry the village priestess, and become the village elder. A rematch is being held in a month’s time, yet Kohaku won’t allow Magma to take her sister’s hand in marriage. As such, Kinro and Ginro have been pulled into the fold. Magma may be the strongest male in the village, but those under Kohaku’s wing just might stand a chance.

One of Gen’s first lines included his desire for a bottle of cola. Unfortunately, a bottle of cola is a luxury in the stone world. A luxury he’ll never see if he sides with Tsukasa. However, from the moment Gen saw Senkuu’s ability to produce results, his allegiance was already decided. There’s only one side that can provide a cold bottle of cola. In exchange for a future bottle, Gen has submitted a false report to Tsukasa. While he was attacked by primitives, he never found a trace of Senkuu anywhere. Moreover, those under the Kingdom of Science are now working towards two goals. We’ll be focusing on the cure-all and winning the Grand Bout. If Magma ends up winning, then it will be impossible to get close to Ruri. Anyhow, this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Gen. Enjoy the blood splatter!





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How gullible is he? In the meantime, we’ve got a tournament to prepare for!

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