Sounan Desu ka? T.V. Media Review Episode 8

What’s behind all that smoke?

Down by the shore, the girls have found something they never thought possible. An onsen to wash away all their pains was found. Unfortunately, this bath has a time limit. Once high tide kicked in, it was game over for their fun. Still, they can always come back another day. They won’t be leaving the island anytime soon, after all. Furthermore, on their way back to camp, they secured some rope. That dock may be abandoned, but it still had a treasure left behind for the girls. Now, just what will they do with all that rope? The possibilities are endless when it comes to survival.

Since we’re down to just 4 more episodes, I’m a tad unsure where they will end this off. A certain scene was missing from this episode, too. So, anything could be possible with this adaptation. If the title of the next episode is any indicator, then they plan to skip a few chapters. Moreover, if you were searching for fan service, then look no further. This will probably be your best episode for it. The remaining episodes will have some, but nothing compared to this one. Anyhow, ready soak it up? Enjoy the onsen!



ED: This week’s ending received some changes.




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She didn’t learn everything on her own. Let’s get to know Papa next time.

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