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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 97

by Yumiko

Friend or foe?

There may have been a time when peace was possible, but that time has long ended for the elves. The betrayal they tasted 500 years ago has amounted to this moment. All humans shall pay. Still, the Magic Knights stand ready to repel them, though there’s one big problem. No everyone is finding it easy to fight former friends. It was only mere moments ago they were all fighting side by side, after all. Nonetheless, Asta’s group believes they may be able to save their comrades. A taste of some anti-magic just might do the trick. Unfortunately, the resurrection spell can’t be undone so easily. If they want to get their friends back, then they must find another way. However, the time to find such a method can’t be done in the middle of a battle. As more elves continue to show up, Mereoleona has had enough with the games. She’s tossed Asta and Zora out to find another way. In the meantime, she’ll be engaging in a fight few would ever dare to accept.

Episode 97 jumped between 4 fights. The battle between Charlotte and Yami ended with no clear winner. Charlotte can not afford to fall here, she must wait for Licht to arrive at the capital. Moreover, among all these fights, one contained two former Magic Knights. During all the chaos, two of the men Asta put away escaped their cells. The former captain of the Purple Orcas, Gueldre, and the mage who attempted to seal Yuno’s grimoire, Revchi Salik, have formed a unlikely team. They have little love for one another, but even less for the elves attacking. Now, this duo will be one to remember as the story progresses. They’ll have a role to play, so don’t forget them. Anyhow, the battle rages on. Enjoy the non-stop action across the nation!





Click here for the 97th webm collection.


We’re shifting the focus once more. It’s time to wake up, sleeping lion!

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