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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 92

by Yumiko

One body, two souls.

While some fight, others pick up the pieces, and a few even wait, but throughout all that, there’s a destined meeting taking place. The captain of the Golden Dawn, William Vangeance, has come to pay his final respects to Julius. He is truly thankful for all he’s done for him. In turn, William has led a life to help repay back that debt. His creation of the strongest squad was evident of that, though everything he had done was for a dual purpose. Before Julius reached out to William, there was someone else always by his side. From the moment he was born, another soul shared his body. Together they grew to understand one another, however, William is torn between two sides. Unable to pick between them, he’ll allow the two people he admires the most to decide for him. As William’s words disappear with the wind, Licht emerges before Julius. After 5 long centuries, Licht’s plan to awaken the hearts of his people all come down to this moment. Within Julius’s possession are the magical stones to makes that dream a reality. Nonetheless, Julius won’t be simply handing them over. He is all too familiar with what their organization intends to do if they succeed. As a man built upon numerous merits, he will defend the Clover Kingdom till his last breath.

Episode 92 had quite the build up to it. As such, the fight between Julius and Licht has only just gotten started. Currently Julius holds a slight advantage over Licht, but anything can happen in a battle between light and time. These are two of the most powerful magics out there, after all. Moreover, their battle won’t got unnoticed for long. A certain pair of eyes has already begun to head their way. Anyhow, everything is on the line now. Enjoy the battle to decide it all!


OP: The opening we currently have has changed a few times now. Here’s some of those changes.



Episode 92:





Click here for the 92nd webm collection.


The battle to change everything has only just begun. Stick around to see which leader will stand triumphant.

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