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Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation Blu-ray Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

Some links can never be severed.

Nepgear’s ascension to the sky has called for Magiquone to take the battle into her own hands. She’s got a few surprises for her untimely guests. First, her unique ability allows her to copy any skill she’s seen. All the ultimate abilities of the captured Goddesses will now be dished out on their little sisters, though that’s not the worst part. All that share energy being drained from the Goddesses is being turned into Anti-Energy. This so called Anti-Energy will be used for two purposes. It has allowed Magiquone to empower herself, and unlock a way for the Goddesses to be killed. As such, the time for holding back has ended. Uni, Rom, and Ram have transformed to help bring this fight to an end. Unfortunately, while they fought, their sisters began to fade away. Consumed by Anti-Energy, they were reduced to mere sparks. Still, those sparks gave each little sister hope. Through just a glimmer, they’ve brought Magiquone’s plan tumbling down upon itself.

In the end, all our heroines made it out unscathed. They may have lost some share energy, but it’s nothing some honest work can’t recover. Each nation will be doing just that, though Neptune had other ideas. It’s back to being the same old lazy Goddess. Nonetheless, maybe slacking off isn’t such a bad thing. While out for a picnic, a mysterious young girl wearing black and yellow has approached their group. This girl has called out Compa and IF by name, yet no one has a clue who she is. Anyhow, we’ll learn the tale behind this mysterious girl in due time. Enjoy restoring peace to Gamindustri!





Click here for the 5th webm collection.


Where in the world did you come from? The girl who ruined everything takes the stage next time.

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