Kimetsu no Yaiba T.V. Media Review Episode 11

Hello, friends?

Before Tanjirou can get to his next mission, there’s a woman in need of some roadside assistance. One of Tanjirou’s fellow demon slayers just won’t let go of her. He claims his end is near, though in reality he fears everything. After clearing things up, they’ll both be heading towards the same job. At the scene of their destination, they’re in for several surprises. First, a brother and sister had their eldest sibling snatched away. They followed the demon to the mansion before them, yet they dare not enter. A strange drum beat echos throughout the land, and that’s not all. Even a bloodied body was thrown out from it. Everything about this mansion is off, still they have no choice moving forward. They must enter the demon’s domain, although with unexpected company. Those children have tagged along at the worse possible moment. This mansion changes and shifts to the beat of the demon’s drum. Sticking together will be impossible, however one more surprise awaited them inside. A boy dual wielding Nichirin blades and wearing a boar head is causing a storm of his own.

Episode 11 was mainly a setting stage. First and foremost, we’ve been formally introduced to Zenitsu. He’s one of the few individuals that made it through Final Selection with Tanjirou. Now, Zenitsu’s character may not be everyone’s favorite. He whines and cries about everything, though this could be partly due to his upbringing. Apparently, he was betrayed and racked up a huge debt. That debt was then sold to his cultivator. In order to pay his cultivator back, he trained day and night to become a demon slayer. However, it’s a miracle he’s made it here. He’s completely useless according to own words, yet something had to help him make it this far. Moreover, another character to keep your eyes on is that boar headed boy. We only got to him at the very end, but Zenitsu and him will be reoccurring characters. Anyhow, it’s time to dance to the drum’s beat. Enjoy the pig assault!





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Friend or foe? The action within the drum house begins next time!

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