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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 86

by Yumiko

Longest, bath, ever!

Yami has got another story to tell. A few years after dealing with the bandits and meeting his rival, he’s moved up in the ranks. Vangeance and Yami now stand as equals, but their next mission could push one above the other. They’ve been assigned to clean up the bandit problem once and for all, though it’s not that simple. The bandit attacks have been growing in power. There’s suspicion that a traitor within the magic knights is helping them out. In order to help sniff out who it could possibly be, Julius has picked two of his most trusted knights. Now, taking care of the bandits and the traitors was all in a days work. There are few who could fend off these two. Nonetheless, there was another meaning behind this mission. Julius has watched over these two for quite some time, and he’s decided to give them the honor of forming their own squads. Once again they stood as equals, yet for much longer will that last?

There’s some real irony to come out of these original episodes. I can’t really say much about it, but once the current arc is in full swing things will become clear. Moreover, original time is finally over. Mereoleona has arrived to personally deliver the results to the Black Bulls. We’re in store for some good and surprising news next week. Anyhow, it’s time to get out the bath. Enjoy the end of Yami’s story!





Click here for the 86th webm collection.


We’re back on track next week! Be sure to join us for the beginning of the end.

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