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Date A Live Blu-ray Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

She needs a hero!

A disastrous end to their second meet won’t be the end. Shido and Yoshino have found themselves returning to the scene of the last battle. Unfortunately, Yoshino’s return isn’t a happy one. Without out Yoshinon by her side, she is completely alone. Upon learning this, Shido has agreed to help her find Yoshinon. However, Yoshino is already at her limit. She’ll need some food before continuing on. This calls for a home cooked meal from Shido, but this meal does a lot than fill a belly. The conversation they had together only further solidified what Shido must do. Yoshino is simply a girl that doesn’t wish to do any harm. A peaceful existence is all she longs for, though others do not see it that way. Just because she’s a Spirit, the AST will hunt her relentlessly. It’s for this reason Yoshinon was created. Yoshinon was her ideal hero who protected her from all the bad things. Fortunately, Yoshino has met a new hero. She’ll no longer have to only depend upon Yoshinon, Shido has vowed to save her.

Come on out, Yoshinon! Sadly, Shido and Yoshino’s lunch date got interrupted by Tohka. Tohka still hasn’t let go of what she saw the other day, although she’ll soon understand. In the meantime, Shido has learned the location of Yoshinon. Turns out he’s in quite possibly the worse possible place, Origami’s apartment. He’ll brave it out for Yoshino, though paying Origami a visit brings up her deep hatred for Spirits again. In fact, she’s even begun to question Shido. All these coincidental run ins with Spirits and Shido is always there. Something just isn’t right about all this. However, their conversation will be cut short. Yoshino has been spotted by the AST. While Origami prepared for combat, Shido has secured the puppet. Regardless, this will be a battle of who can reach Yoshino first. This latest attack has caused her to lose control. A blizzard is freezing and shredding everything in its path. Nonetheless, Shido will walk bravely towards it. He promised to save her, and he’ll make good on his word. Yoshinon has been returned to her side, yet it was a sudden kiss that saved the day.

Yoshino has been freed from the cruel fate that haunts all Spirits. She’ll no longer have to be worried about being hunted down, well for the most part at least. Moreover, none of this would have been possible without some help from another Spirit. Tohka has finally accepted what Shido is doing. She’s not the only Spirit out there that needs saving. After witnessing the lengths Shido was willing to go, she’ll have his back from this point forward. Anyhow, this is unfortunately the end of the focus upon Yoshino. Enjoy saving a genuine gentle spirit!



ED: Another simple one for the count.




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Yumiko (@guest_3038)
5 years ago

That’s great to hear. It will be quite some time until I can take a look at it, though. S1 and S2 have yet to be finished here.

Justin Ohara
Justin Ohara (@guest_3037)
5 years ago

Date a live 3 has bd through japan Blu-ray now it’s now online yet though