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Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation Blu-ray Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

There’s only one way out of this situation.

IF and Nepgear have returned empty handed. There was nothing they could do to save the Goddesses. Now, such news isn’t taken well by everyone. Emotions among the little sisters are running high, but this isn’t the time for infighting. If they want to save their sisters, then they know what must be done. However, none of the little sisters have ever come close to transforming. The only thing they have to go on is prior advice from their sisters. Each one of them has what it takes, yet they are personally holding themselves back. In order to overcome some of these barriers, they’ve decided to train. Unfortunately, they won’t have a lot of time to practice. Magiquone is ready to let the world know that she has 4 Goddesses in her clutches. Once this news circulates, it will cause a Share crash at the worse possible moment. A second confrontation on Magiquone has come, although beating back just her minions proves to be difficult. On the brink of disaster, Nepgear has finally let go of the one thing holding her back. She’s no longer afraid to rival her sister in power.

There’s a new Goddess in the sky! That’s right, Nepgear is fully transformed and ready to take down Magiquone. If she allows Magiquone to win on this day, then she will no longer have a sister to look up to. She’ll proudly become the strongest Goddess if it means saving everyone. Moreover, Nepgear is going to have to work fast. Those anti-crystals are sucking away faster than anyone could of imagined. A few extra hands up in the sky could ensure further success. Anyhow, this battle is nearly over. Enjoy the first of many transformations to come!



Extra: The dangers of scrolling too far… There’s no do-overs now.




Click here for the 4th webm collection.


We’ll be finishing up this arc next time. Look forward to the epic clash to come!

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