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Date A Live Blu-ray Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

Let’s give her a name!

Shido’s training has been completed, although is he ready for the real deal? After a few human trials, he’ll have little choice in the matter. The sudden arrival of a spacequake means the Princess is back for another round. However, this time Shido plans for things to end differently. He never wants to see the Princess make that face he saw on that fateful day. He will ensure that the sparks of love are ignited on this day. A talk with the Princess will be his first step, though he doesn’t go into this alone. Numerous experts are behind Shido to ensure success.

Putting the charms on the Princess will have to come straight from the heart. Her lack of trust towards humans always put her on high alert. Speaking freely is Shido’s only way to win here. Still, before anything can take off, the Princess needs a name. Her memories are vague at best. She only remembers being suddenly summoned into the world, then hunted without just reason. Everything before that is blank, as such a name will be left up to Shido. He’s got little to go on, but the date they first met will have to do. The name Tohka has been engraved upon her soul from this day forward. Unfortunately, their time together would soon be coming to a close. The AST has only sat idle for so long due to the setting. They’ll be smoking Tohka out, but not before Shido can ask her out on a date. When they next meet, it will be for love.

Origami, you’ve done it again! Her hate filled heart will be the death of her, or even something worse. Nevertheless, her rude interruption will put her out of commission for a time. In the meantime, Tohka and Shido can begin their date. The following day, Tohka is already back on the scene, and she’s eager to learn about this whole date thing. Shido will soon be in for the time of his life. Anyhow, the first date begins next time. Enjoy making her smile!





Click here for the 2nd webm collection.


We’ll be getting the date started next time. Stay tuned for plenty more Date A Live here at, Anime Solution!

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