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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 79

by Yumiko

Take two!

The continuation of Asta’s 2nd match starts now. Taking out Kirsch was only half the battle, Magna and Sol stand ready to fight on. While Sol deals with Mimosa and searches for Kirsch, Magna has stepped up to the pitcher’s mound. Asta will be first to witness his new and improved Annihilation Fireball. His blazing speeds are beyond Asta’s ability to sense through ki. Furthermore, keeping Asta pinned down gave Sol just enough time to get Kirsch back into the game, though this came at a high cost. Xerx hasn’t been sitting there idly. His trap magic is ready to be unleashed. Unfortunately for Team C, this means Magna will getting a taste of his own magic, and Asta is free to take down Kirsch yet again. Leaving only Sol behind to end this was a risky move, but one that almost paid off. Still, Mimosa has a role to play. Sol’s golem has been injected with a unique seed. No longer in control of her creation, it revealed the key to winning right before Asta. One swift blow has advanced Team B to the next stage.

A victory here is fantastic and all, but the real deal gets started next match. Among all the sibling disputes, Langris and Finral’s goes deep. House Vaude has been selectively breeding for a stronger line of heirs for generations. Finral being the eldest brother should normally entitle him to become the next head, however his lack of ability disqualified him. Instead his younger brother, Langris, has been hoisted up as the next head. These circumstances has placed their brotherly relationship in a constant strain. Additionally, there’s a side of Langris we’ve yet to see. He’s one to live above others, although something dangerous will be creeping out real soon. Anyhow, let’s get down to Asta’s 2nd victory. Enjoy an excellent display of teamwork!



ED: The ending has had some rather large changes. Whether you noticed it or not, Noelle had thigh highs on. Those have been sadly removed, and there’s been some coloring changes and touch-ups elsewhere. I personally prefer the first version, but this was still good.





Click here for the 79th webm collection.


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