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Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

Let’s take her home!

Kichou has been taken to Nobunaga’s “castle”. A perfect opportunity to be alone with Nobunaga has come, although does she have the techniques to seduce her man? What she learned in the past isn’t quite enough for the modern man. Nobunaga will be showing his bride to be a trick or two to get the blood flowing. Regardless, Nobunaga will be unable to share a bed with her. They’ll need to be married, and she has to be 16 before things can get serious. In the meantime, Nobunaga plans to get Kichou use to the modern world. He may be a teacher, but his methods are a little unorthodox. She’ll be learning about moderns times through adult erotic games. It contains everything she could possibly need, right?

I brought it up partially last week, but it would seems this show has an interesting relationship with censorship. What they’re censoring won’t end up showing anything addition, so it really begs the question. Why go for the immersive breaking type of censorship? Even mysterious beams of light would have been better than the random heads placed in. Moreover, I believe we should be getting to know some additional cast members soon. Nobunaga does have a few other females in his life after all. Anyhow, there will be no unification today. Enjoy Nobunaga’s unusual teaching methods!







Click here for the 2nd webm album.


We can’t keep her inside forever. A whole new world awaits Kichou next Sunday!

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