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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken T.V. Media Review Episode 24

by Yumiko

Contract accepted!

Their wings may be broken, but they will not rest easy until they’ve gotten their revenge. Betrayal at the hands they once trusted pushed them to commit a unspeakable act. Bringing forth a demon who only goes by his color will give them just what they want. The Kingdom of Filtwood shall pay in blood. Meanwhile, a summoning of adventurers has pulled in quite a few bodies. Even the legendary Shizue has answered the call for aid. This kingdom has begun to fall into ruin due to a untraceable demon. Even their champions, the Silver Wings “fell” to this demon. Unfortunately, once questions started to be asked things got real shady. All adventurers present are suspected demons, and no one will be allowed to leave. Now, this charade won’t be played by one of the attendants. Kuro is only here to purge the demons, though he’ll slaughter everyone in the room if he must. Such actions won’t be allowed by Shizue. A clash between these two was unavoidable at this point, although Kuro won’t be going all out here. Shizue’s mask has shown him a truly magnificent power, so much that he’ll be calling it a day.

The troubles within the Filtwood Kingdom don’t end at a draw. After the battle, Shizue is summoned to see the supposed goal of this untraceable demon. What awaits her down below is no demon body, though. Those that rule this kingdom have brought them all here to be sacrifices. Demons are in control of Filtwood, and this has all been a ploy to boost their own power. An exhausted Shizue will be unable to take on Orthos alone, yet there’s another demon here that can. Kuro isn’t your run of the mill demon. He may be lacking a formal name, but his power should not be underestimated. All collaborators and demons will be purged as per the contract. However, he will spare Shizue’s life as long as she follows his story. She’ll be walking out of this one as a hero. Nevertheless, Kuro will never forget one thing from this summoning. That mask will forever draw his eye of curiosity.

Just so we’re all in the clear, today’s episode is to tie in a future character. What Shizue’s experienced here will later down the line come back to Rimuru. From down in the underworld, Kuro has been watching and waiting. The power behind that mask truly got him in a fix. Once he saw Rimuru with it, he couldn’t wait for another summoning. Moreover, if you haven’t heard yet, we’re confirmed for a season 2. I’ll talk a little bit more about this next week, but do know I’m overjoyed for more slime time. Anyhow, the season is quickly coming to a close. Enjoy a moment in the past with Shizue!





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We’ve got one more left in the season. Let’s end next Monday with Veldora!

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