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Boogiepop wa Warawanai T.V. Media Review Episode 8

by Yumiko

There’s no use hiding anymore.

Kotoe’s sudden change hasn’t gone unnoticed. Rumors are floating all around about her sudden shift. Now, Spooky E’s newest addition may have just been too flashy. The words in these rumors have managed to reach Jin, or as many now know him as, Imaginator. Additionally, Jin is no stranger to the dealings of the Towa Organization. They’ve already taken someone dare from him, though he does not fault them. Taking another family member has only shown him a way he can further his plan. Spooky E will become his underling, and through him he will use the Towa Organization. Unfortunately, breaking Spooky E came with a side effect. All his actions in life had been programmed, he obeyed without question to those that created him. Once free of that programming, he could finally make a decision of his own. Confronted by a man who may just be humanities undoing, Spooky E took his own life. Regardless, Jin will continue on as planed. Another of Spooky E’s underlings will be put to good use. Orihata contains a seed Jin has been looking for. Before things spiral any further out of control, she will be sacrificed to bring the snow.

Episode 8 wasn’t purely about Jin. Masaki has stubbornly continued acting on as Boogiepop. He knows something is up, but he doesn’t wish to see Orihata hurt. If acting the part means Orihata will be safe, then he will continue the role. Luckily his confrontation against Kotoe and her henchmen went favorably. However, his involvement has dragged Nagi into the picture. She isn’t going to just idly watch her little brother get mixed up in something way bigger than he can imagine. Sadly, Masaki won’t stop until he knows Orihata is safe. This boy in love just doesn’t quite know what he is heading for.

In case you haven’t been informed yet, Boogiepop will be dropping an entire arc of episodes on February 23rd. It’s highly unlikely I will be able to do coverage for all these episodes in a day, but I’ll see what I can do next Sunday. More than likely this will be broken up and posted out over a few weeks. So, expect plenty more Boogiepop here, yet not maybe all at once. We’ll unravel this mystery with time. Anyhow, the action is back. Enjoy the thorn picking!





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