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Date A Live III T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

She’ll never forget.

A single memory has haunted Origami for years. Watching her parents vanish right before her eyes broke her. It was during this moment that her innocence leaked out, and she was filled with hatred. Those responsible would only know her vengeance, but these pass 6 months has changed her. Her campaign for revenge subsided. Spirit after Spirit had entered into her life, yet she acted as if none of it phased her. However, Ellen’s recent proposal has refueled her. An opportunity of power and knowledge has been handed to Origami. She’s more than willing to take on the consequences of her actions, though she will not allow Shido to get involved. Before going after the Spirits, she’ll be locking him away from the conflict. This time he won’t be getting in her way. Open season upon the Spirits has been declared.

Origami’s actions here are not under Westcott’s orders. However, he won’t stop her. His ultimate goal is the death of each Spirit out there. Additionally, he’ll also be providing some back up. Kotori and her crew won’t be able to aid the Spirits under attack. Ellen has taken to the skies, and will be proving her title as the strongest. Using DEM’s Goetia, she’ll be giving Fraxinus a fight it won’t be getting out of unscathed. Now, things might be looking grim for many of our heroines, but I wouldn’t fret just yet. Our adventure is only half way over, after all. There’s still plenty more to come, so keep on looking forward to it. Anyhow, the message has been delivered. Enjoy the struggle for the truth!


Rimuru could of learned a valuable lesson from this guy. I’ll have to remember this upon my eventual demise.




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This battle isn’t over yet. Tune in next week for the results!

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