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Sankarea Blu-ray Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

Rigor what?

Death was the least of Rea’s problems. Her 2nd life has come with a whole laundry list of issues, and they will all be handed off to Chihiro. He did promise to take responsibility, after all. Now, the first of Rea’s problems will end with time. Rigor mortis is only temporary, though what comes next has Chihiro thinking all night. He must now think of ways to hide Rea’s current state, prevent her body from decaying, and deal with what appears to be a hunger problem. There are even greater problems on the horizon, yet these few must be dealt with immediately. Unfortunately, he’s already failed to keep her hidden. During their day off, Chihiro’s cousin, Wanko, snuck in to borrow a horror DVD. She won’t be needing a film stepping into that room. Rea can move once more, and she can’t keep her hands off those that approach her.

Episode 5 also includes breadcrumbs to a future arc. Turns out, Chihiro’s senile grandfather is the creator of the elixir of undeath. His grandfather will continue to drop hints, but they don’t really lead anywhere in the anime. Sankarea is ultimately just a one season anime, and there’s more than likely never going to be a season 2. Nevertheless, just know there’s more going on than just keeping Rea alive. There’s quite a bit more if you’re willing to read the source material. Anyhow, Chihiro will have some explaining to do. Enjoy the kiss of death!





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