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Boogiepop wa Warawanai T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Not the Boogiepop we were expecting.

Spooky E has got everyone under his control on the look out for Boogiepop. Unfortunately, the rumored figure is no where to be found. Not even a fake can force them out of the shadows. Still, there might be another way to go about this. Boogiepop’s goal is to put an end to Imaginator, thus Spooky E will use this knowledge to his advantage. He too will go after Imaginator in order to get Boogiepop. Additionally, luck is on his side. He’s captured the body of a most valuable pawn. Jin’s cousin, Kotoe, will now be joining the hunt to find Imaginator. Using her family’s vast wealth has quickly sped up this process. A plan to bring down Boogiepop is finally underway, although someone just might get hurt during all this. That expandable Boogiepop, Masaki, has found himself mixed up in a plot he’s too far to get out of now.

We’ve got quite the mess on our hands, but things should be really coming together next episode. Today’s episode was mainly to tie in the Towa Organization/ Spooky E. As you’ll see, Boogiepop and Imaginator had zero presence during this one. Regardless, this 3-way chase won’t last much longer. Spooky E’s current plan has no stops in sight. Our fake Boogiepop is unknowingly being used more than he realizes. Anyhow, the trap has been laid. Enjoy the doppelganger!





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Things should be getting a bit more exciting next time. Be sure to join us each Sunday until this mystery is solved.

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