Gotoubun no Hanayome T.V. Media Review Episode 4

Homework first!

A treasured day for the quintuplets has arrived. Each year watching the fireworks with their mother was a blast, and continues to be so even after her passing. However, going to the festival won’t happen unless they finish their work first. Fuutarou has to at least get some work out of them before they go. Nevertheless, once night had fallen it was time to hit the streets. Watching this year’s display will come with a private venue, too. Nino has reserved a roof top for the special occasion, though gathering everyone up is going to be a issue. Each sister has found themselves displaced due to the surging crowds. Additionally, Nino didn’t tell anyone the location of the roof top. It’ll now be up to Fuutarou to save this night. Unfortunately, getting all the sisters up there is going to be a problem. They’re all over the place, and one of them has boldly stated they can not attend. Ichika has been pulled away by a mysterious man, although she hasn’t gotten away yet.

Well, so much for that treasured day. There’s only 20 minutes left until the fireworks are over, yet Nino is the only one up on the roof top. Gathering them all up would have been possible, however Ichika has presented an alarming issue. Running off with a man no one knows has Fuutarou looking all over for her. Now, nothing bad has happened to her, but Fuutarou won’t allow her to run off alone. Regardless, we’re left off on a cliffhanger. They’ve found one another again, although Ichika still insists she can not stay to watch the display. She’ll have some explaining to do, but it will have to wait till next time. Anyhow, ready to hit the stalls? Enjoy the roof top, Nino!





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This festive night isn’t over yet. Join us next week for the conclusion of the festival.

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