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Sword Art Online: Alicization T.V. Media Review Episode 16

by Yumiko

There’s no holding back now.

Every Integrity Knight that has stood before our heroes has been brought to their knees. No amount of numbers, legendary power, or deception can stop their climb. Moving up to the 80th floor is where they find themselves today, but who awaits them will have them going all out. Alice holds the most ancient of artifacts within the Human Empire. Wielding her golden blade, she plans to finally banish the evil that has gone on for far too long. However, a straight up fight is not Eugeo and Kirito’s desire. Usage of Cardinal’s dagger to free Alice is their objective here. Unfortunately, Alice’s divine object won’t give them a chance to get close. Only by pouring in everything will they get a chance on her, though the building wasn’t quite ready for it. A sudden collapse has thrown Alice and Kirito outside.

We’re left off on another cliffhanger here. Eugeo is the only one that remains upon the 80th floor. Watching his two beloved childhood friends fall has him in a state of shock, although I wouldn’t worry too much. Kirito has certainly come back from worse situations. Moreover, we got to witness Kirito’s Enhance Armament twice today. As always the light is no match for the ever consuming darkness. Now, Fanatio’s defeat was costly, yet Kirito ensured her life. We’ll be seeing her again, though a lot later on. Anyhow, ready to ride the floating platform? Enjoy 107 years of quality service!





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Alice and Kirito may have been blown out, but we’ll see them again. Join us next Saturday for a chat!

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Dr.Dark.Flames (@guest_3236)
5 years ago

Yeah, I always check your website to see them. It’s been more than 3 months..Keep going ????

Yumiko (@guest_3235)
5 years ago

Not a problem. I’m glad to read you’re enjoying these reviews. I’ve got plenty more SAO content to come, too!

Dr.Dark.Flames (@guest_3234)
5 years ago

I was waiting for thisssss ❤❤❤Finally…Thx owner…