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Sword Art Online: Alicization T.V. Media Review Episode 15

by Yumiko

And they just don’t stop coming.

It’s from one knight to the next, though the newest set will be using some foul plays. Fizel and Linel have put on an innocent act to get close to our heroes. Yet, these children are not ordinary. This duo is a spawn of one of the Administrator’s twisted experiments. They’ve come seeking glory, and they mean to display it before their superiors. After poisoning our heroes, they’ve been dragged to the 50th floor. It is here where the tricksters believed they had won, but Kirito never bought their innocent act. A surprise attack has given both these girls a taste of their own medicine. Unfortunately, Kirito’s troubles don’t stop there. Standing before him are 5 more Integrity Knights. Now, Kirito won’t have to take them all on at once. He’s gone right for a one and one with their leader. Fanatio Synthesis Two will be using the light’s aid to burn anyone who stands before her. Kirito won’t be getting out of this one unscathed, although he just needs to buy time. Once Eugeo is back on his feet, it’ll be time to unleash their ultimate moves. Quite the chill will be encasing these mind controlled knights.

We’re left off on a cliffhanger this week. Fanatio may be entrapped within ice, but she hasn’t give up yet. She still has one charge left in her. Likewise, Kirito will be firing an ability of his own. We’ll be treated to his ultimate next week. Moreover, there was quite a bit of backstory during this episode. If you’re interested in the opponents featured in this episode, then they made sure to give them some substance. Everyone we’re facing is just a victim of the Administrator, after all. Anyhow, I feel a surge of darkness coming. Enjoy the light’s warmth!





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The climb is half way over, but there’s so much more to come. Tune back in next Saturday for further sword play!

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