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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 65

by Yumiko

Information overload!

They’ve done it all. Everyone who stood before our heroes have met their defeat. Even our wicked Queen knows when she has been bested. Fortunately, she has some kindness left in her heart. The Queen has restored everyone’s health and handed over the magic stone. Additionally, she has given out all the information she has on the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Those stones they are desperately after are used to amplify one’s power, yet they can’t be fully utilized in human hands. However, in the hands of elves they truly shine. The elves in question were supposedly wiped out, though. Humans saw to their destruction centuries ago. Still, recent developments suggest somehow the elves are alive. The magic that was placed upon Fana was forbidden magic. This type of magic can not be used by an ordinary human. Regardless, the Eye of the Midnight Sun must be dealt with. Whether they are descendants of elves, or something else remains to be seen.

It’s time for everyone to head home, but not before some good-byes. Those that once stood with the Diamond kingdom will return home, yet Mars won’t be going back as a loyal solider. He plans to take down the corrupt kingdom from within, and mold it into a place where Fana can return to. As for Ladros, well he’ll be going back with Mars. His complex for rising to the top remains, although he will help out Mars as it fits his goal. Nevertheless, none of this would of been possible without Asta. Two former foes can stand together as friends. What can’t the wonders of anti-magic do? Moreover, everyone back at the base is overjoyed to see Asta at 100%. This time they can have a celebration to remember. There won’t be any tears on this night.

There goes one arc and we’re heading right into the next one. Going forward we’ll be treated to a tournament arc. We’re also in store for the introduction of many new characters. I’m sure there’s a few fan favorites that some of you have been waiting for. Furthermore, the introduction of this next arc will start to put us close to the source material. After the results of this arc, it will be rather interesting to see where the anime goes. I’m personally hoping for a small break, but we might be going full speed ahead. Let’s just hope there is no filler in the mix. Anyhow, it’s time to take some notes. Enjoy the well deserved break, Asta!




Episode 65:






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