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Sword Art Online: Alicization T.V. Media Review Episode 13

by Yumiko

You memorized the plan, right?

Our long chat within the Great Library continues, so where were we again? Quinella’s long life may be ensured, but she would soon face another problem. Her memories began to fade. The Fluctlight bestowed upon her from birth had reach maximum capacity. Now, Quinella was quick to come up with a plan to fix this, but the outcome was not to her liking. Her plan called for hijacking another individual’s Fluctlight. Someone who was young and full of space was used. Overwriting a young girl’s Fluctlight with her own worked, yet a problem quickly arose. Upon opening their eyes, they both came to the realization that they were identical beings. This caused their Fluctlights to begin to break, although for that brief moment of breakage, Cardinal was able to assume control of the young girl. Unfortunately, Cardinal was unable to take down Quinella during that moment. They were equal in power, though the sudden body change put Cardinal at a disadvantage. Still, even after being forced to retreat, Cardinal would work tirelessly to fix a grave error. After 200 years of searching, she has found someone that can help fix that error. Kirito will be her instrument to turn this corrupt world into nothingness.

The future for humanity within the Underworld is grim. The gods on the other side must know Quinella has assumed control, yet they do nothing. They know this only works towards their ultimate goal. Additionally, humanity will soon be under a threat they can not hope to repel. The denizens of the Dark Territory will overwhelm humanity in time. Quinella’s small force has only kept them at bay. Knowing the fate to befall this world, Cardinal has devised a plan to end it all. If Kirito and Eugeo are able to successfully defeat Quinella, then Cardinal can gain back her rightful powers. Once empowered she plans to delete everyone’s Fluctlight, though she will make an exception for a few. Regardless, this journey had another main purpose. Saving Alice is still the goal of our heroes. Luckily, Cardinal can help with that too and more. She’s given them everything they’ll need to take back this world. So, ready to fight to floor 100?

Yes, this was another info dump episode. They had to get these out of the way at some point. Either way, we’ll be getting back to the action soon. Our heroes have been given all the information needed to reach Quinella and save Alice. Moreover, the ending of this episode also closes out our first cour. I hope you’re still in for the long con. We’re only 1/4th of the way done. Anyhow, power to rival the knights has been granted. Enjoy another year in the library!





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The exciting 2nd cour begins next time. Be sure to join us each Saturday until we reach the top!

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