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Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

She’s fading away!

Preparations for the upcoming festival are on full stop. There’s a big problem at hand, and Hitomi is at the center of it. The time magic placed upon her has begun to unravel. During random intervals, she has begun to disappear without a trace. Now, so far she has resurfaced each time, but her time in the past is drawing near. If she does not return to her time, then she will vanish permanently. Those around her must now do everything in their power to send her back. However, Hitomi herself is not ready to return. She has come to love the year 2018. Hitomi even has a special someone here now, too. Regardless, she’ll have to face the music soon, or she’ll be lost forever.

Turns out Kohaku’s earlier experiments with time magic had a greater meaning behind them. No matter how powerful the magic is, it will become undone. In Hitomi’s case this is especially dangerous. She is an object that does not belong in the current time. Time itself is attempting to correct the displacement, and this means phasing her away. Moreover, fortunately Hitomi still has some time. We can’t send her off before the festival, after all. I’m sure it will be a departure that will light her world anew. Anyhow, ready to say good-bye? Enjoy collecting sand!





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We’re not fading out just yet. So, be sure to join us for 2 more reviews with Hitomi here at, Anime Solution!

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