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Release the Spyce T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

“Be free like the wind and do as you please.”

The final countdown between two opposing forces is coming. They’ve been chipping away at one another for years, though the time for games have come to an end. However, before Tsukikage goes for one of the heads of Moryo, we’ll be treated to some more bonding time. There’s never a better time when mentor and disciple can connect as one. It is through these bonds that allow Tsukikage the power to protect their beloved city. Unfortunately, when these bonds come undone, so does Tsukikage. During their most critical operation to put an end to Moryo, Mei revealed herself as the traitor. This sudden betrayal takes everyone by surprise. A surprise that was given Tsukikage a deathly blow, and those that remain have been captured.

I’m just going to get right to it. They pulled the classic just leave them their bleeding out, and fall into the water death. No one should fret that any of the girls have met their demise. Right now the biggest concern is all the apprentices have been captured. Moreover, what Momo witnessed may have just broken her, yet she’ll need to be stronger than ever now. Her time to truly shine has come. No matter what is ahead, Momo must rise to the occasion. Yuki won’t be around forever, although I’m sure she’ll be getting one last moment before the curtains fall. Anyhow, Moryo has risen to the top. Enjoy your new potential overlords!





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Is this the end of Tsukikage? We’ve still got 2 more to go, so be sure to join us next Sunday!

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